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For Ladies Only Parties
We bring a little bit of Naughty to you!
Ambassador Benefits
#1 You will average $100 to $500+ in profits from each party you do. 
#2 You will be given your very own PERSONAL web site FREE for your customers to shop at.
#3 You will have access to all monthly product specials and discounts.
#4 You will achieve advancement in the company as fast (or slow) as you like.
#5 A party only takes 2 to 3 hours depending on the number attending so less time away from the family.
#6 You choose which days of the week you do parties.
#7 You choose where you work. No territories! Do parties anywhere you want to!
#8 New Ambassador training and all on-going training is FREE!
#9 FREE party leads are given from the home office.
#10 FREE Leadership training when you are ready.
#11 You are a member of a team that will help and support you every step of the way.
#12 You have access to over 500 products sold to you at wholesale prices. These are items NOT listed in the catalog which only your customers can see when they attend one of your parties! 
#13 You will make 35% to 50% profit on all catalog items.
#14 You will make 50% to 80% profit on all Cash & Carry items shown at your parties! 
#15 You can run your own specials and discounts or use the ones already set up by the company.
#16 Yearly Awards Banquets to award our outstanding Ambassadors and Leaders!
#17 You can get creative and put together THEME parties!
#18 You can do Couples Parties if you choose!
#19 You will meet lots of new people and be able to form life long friendships.
#20 Because of all the people you meet doing sex toy parties, you will be able to network like CRAZY!

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